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Job for Construction project manager in Nairobi, Kenya


Company: Confidential

Location:, Nairobi

Position Offered: Project  Manager

Qualifications Required;

             Diploma in Engineering preferably civil engineering

             3 years’ minimal experience working in a construction industry

             Bachelor’s degree/ Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering as an added advantage

             Project management skills

              Use of engineering software i.e. AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, ms project etc

Experience Required: minimum 10 years

Expatriate / Local Talent : Expatriate preferred

Any Specific Skills Required:

Experience in the residential construction industry

Age Limit:

Minimum age 30 years

Brief Job Description

( roles and responsibilities)

            Oversee, manage & direct construction projects from beginning to end

            Review & monitor the project in depth

            Ensure scheduler of all the deliverable

            Budget planning and cost estimation

            Track site inventory

            Prepare internal and external reports pertaining to job status

            Plan ahead to prevent problems and resolve any emerging one

            Monitor & guide compliance with building & safety regulation

            Train and give feedback to construction workers and sub-contractors

            Ensure the availability of tools, materials and equipment

            Manage & mitigate risks

            Always ensure quality construction standards & following proper engineering procedures

            Understand project scope and vision, and ensure implementation

            Create the schedule for each project and match to the job

            Process change orders

            Collaborate with the architect construction crew to ensure feasibility of each project

            Conduct meeting on site with architect, client and construction crew

            Negotiate with subcontractors

            Prepare and submit estimates to client

            Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives

            Develop a detailed project plan to monitor and track progress

            Measure project performance using appropriate tools and technique

            Create & maintain comprehensive project documentation

·       Prepare vendors payment certificate

Reporting Structure:

(a)         Reporting to: Technical Manager

(b)        Reportees under:


  Site engineer

  General Forman

  Storekeeper manager and security head

Salary offered: Savings nett plus expatriate benefits

Benefits if any: Shared housing , medical, car

Tentative Joining Time: Immediate

Contact Person:- Kailash Mota


WhatsApp No:- +91 70457 79091


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