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How to Change the Background Colour in AutoCAD

Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog. My name is Dipak Varsani, and I am the author of I am a Civil Engineer by profession, and I have taken the journey as a Site Engineer in my company.In this blog, we will see, how to change the background colour in AutoCAD?
It is evident that if you are AutoCAD draftsman, then you spend most of the time on AutoCAD and so we need to give as much comfort we can give to our eyes from Display settings. Brightness and correct colour or the colour which we feel comfortable for eyes is so important. So, here we will see how to change the background colour in AutoCAD. How to change the background colour in AutoCAD? Follow the below steps to change the AutoCAD background colour;

1) Right-click on the Drawing Area (Make sure there is no other command is active)
2) Go to Options
3) Go to Display Tab
4) Click on Colors button
5) Choose any colour as shown in the above video from the Color OptionClick here to Watch Video Thanks for visitin…

How to Solve the Problem of Virtual Lines in AutoCAD?

Hello Friends, This is me Dipak Varsani and welcomes to my page Mad About Construction. In this blog, I will tell you how to solve the problem of virtual lines in AutoCAD. Have you ever face the problem that when you open any AutoCAD files and you find some random lines appears and disappears during zooming in and zooming out? then you are at the right place to get this matter resolved. Here I will guide you step by step to solve the problem of virtual lines in AutoCAD.
To get out of this situation we need to change some settings in you AutoCAD so kindly follow below steps; 1. Open AutoCAD file. 2. Hit the Command "GRAPHICSCONFIG" and then hit the enter. 3. "Graphics Performance" dialogue box will appear on your screen. Uncheck the "Display Smooth Line Display" option and then you try to zoom in and zoom out. 4. Now you try to zoom in or zoom out and you will see that no more lines.
For more idea on how to fix lines appears and disappears during zooming …

How to find dimensions, measurements or distance in PDF drawings?

Hello Friends, welcome to my blog 'Mad About Construction'. I am Dipak Varsani, and I am glad you are here.  Sometimes it happens that the PDF drawing what we receive from the Architect, Engineer or Interior Designer does not show some critical Measurements, Dimensions or Distance, so it becomes difficult to understand the drawing to set out or implement the works or to calculate the quantity of the materials. And if these all is happening with you, then you should read this whole blog.  Because in this blog I will show you how to find dimensions, measurements or distance in pdf drawings? In the below-shown drawing, almost all the dimensions are given, but few important are missing, so we will find it out by following step by step procedure as shown below. Before we go, please click on below download button to see how to download and install Nitro Pro 12 Full Version software which will help us in this lesson.
Once you download and install Nitro Pro Software, right-click on t…

Asphalt Core Cutting Test

Asphalt core cutting test carried out to confirm the quality of the works like the density of the asphalt, the thickness of the layer, air permeability, asphalt compression strength, asphalt mix test, etc. In the above video shown the procedures to take the core sample or specimen and measured the depth of the specimen to determine the depth of Asphalt Pavement. This procedure also knows as the Asphalt core test. In further, this test could be carried out in remote areas so the arrangement of electricity could become an important factor prior to planning the test, so the power source to be part of the equipment set. In this blog, we will see the procedure or the method of testing the Asphalt Layer Thickness.

Scope:- In this method statement, shown the steps shall be carried out to take the core of asphalt using the core drill machine and measure the depth or thickness of the core using Vernier Caliper.

Referenced Document:-AASHTO / TBS (Tanzania Buro of Standard) Project Specificatio…