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Hollow Concrete Blocks

What is Concrete Hollow Block?The concrete hollow block is the pre-cast concrete element produce to cast cheap and light construction elements like a lightweight concrete slab, lightweight wall, Stormwater channel etc. Hollow blocks having one or more hollow cavities and design with smooth or rough sides. It is also known as CHB (Concrete Hollow Blocks). Concrete hollow blocks could be produced with several concrete grad or class as per the applications.
According to the requirement, Concrete hollow blocks can be manufactured. It is also known as concrete masonry units or concrete slab units. The selection of hollow blocks depends on its use; whether you are using it for the pot slab or you are using for block wall.

The concrete hollow block shown in the above picture is a rectangle type and the size is 400 X 200 X 200 mm, but it can produce as per the requirement at the work. In 2014, I had visited one site; During my visit slab casting were in progress. The design of the slab was holl…