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Job for Construction project manager in Nairobi, Kenya

Company: ConfidentialLocation:, NairobiPosition Offered: Project  ManagerQualifications Required;•Diploma in Engineering preferably civil engineering •3 years’ minimal experience working in a construction industry •Bachelor’s degree/ Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering as an added advantage•Project management skills•Use of engineering software i.e. AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, ms project etcExperience Required: minimum 10 yearsExpatriate / Local Talent : Expatriate preferredAny Specific Skills Required:Experience in the residential construction industry Age Limit:Minimum age 30 yearsBrief Job Description( roles and responsibilities)•Oversee, manage & direct construction projects from beginning to end•Review & monitor the project in depth•Ensure scheduler of all the deliverable•
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Job in Canada as Bridge Engineer in Aecon Construction Group Inc.

Job Title:- Bridge Engineer
Position Overview and Key Responsibilities:-We are seeking a Senior Bridge Engineer for the US side of the Gordie Howe International Bridge project. The ideal individual will be experienced with the following:
10+ Years of bridge construction experience.Experience in Cable-Stayed would be an advantage.Experienced with steel/concrete girder, piling, column, pier cap, overhang, bridge deck construction.Works with bridge superintendent to direct and coordinate personnel to ensure project progresses safely, on schedule, within all quality standards, and within the prescribed budget.Experienced with chances, lift plans, critical lifts and detailed construction work plans. Able to use drafting software to develop construction means and methods plans.Monitor construction schedule, cost and quality, using job cost reports and other various documents to ensure project goals are met.Manage subcontractors and suppliers like concrete, rebar, PT, Formwork, steel etc.Work …

Method Statement- Works to Build the Manhole in the lowest Basement

Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog. My name is Dipak Varsani, and I am the author of I am a Civil Engineer by profession, and I have taken the journey as a Site Engineer in my company.

In this blog, we will discuss Method Statement which I had to prepare and got approved from an Engineer in my recent project to resolve the rainwater pipe blockages issue and for future maintenance if the same problem arises again. The pipe was getting blocked frequently, and the reason may be;
Pipe Size:- If the pipe size is too small, it can get choked up easily. In my case, the pipe size was 100mm.
The slope of pipe:- To flow the water with gravity force the minimum required slop is 1% (10mm in every 1000mm), and this is what we have provided during placement of rainwater pipe in our project.
Distance:- The distance from the bend in-floor up to Intermediate manhole or Petro Inter-septics tank or any other tank or manhole. If the distance is long then debris of stuff get accumu…

What is waffle slab?

Hello Friends! Welcome to our blog. We are Dipak Varsani and Stann Maina. We are Civil Engineer and building manager by profession respectively. We are the authors of Today we want to mesmerise you with this new slab technology in building construction.

What is Waffle Slab? The slab with the holes underneath giving an appearance of waffles is referred to as the waffle slab. The waffle slab is usually used where large spans are required so that the column interfering with space can be avoided and where thick slabs spanning between wide beams are required. Wide beams are used instead of high beams so that the interference of the beam with the future services can be avoided.
Why have a waffle slab? Waffle slabs are relatively lighter and stiffer than their counterpart flat slab, they are also faster to cast than their counterpart. They also use 25% less reinforcement steel and 35% less concrete as compared to the flat slab. These percentages are subject to ch…

RFI - Practical application of an RFI (RFI Template or Sample)

Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog Mad About Construction. My name is Dipak Varsani and I am the author of I am a Civil Engineer by profession and I started my engineering journey as a site engineer. 
In my previous blog titled, "What is RFI in the Construction?", I explained the meaning and importance of Request For Information (RFI). As I promised, I would be posting future blogs on the same subject to clarify and further explain RFIs. In this blog, I will use a sample of an RFI and show the practical application of an RFI.
My first project involved construction of a seawall and the main team for the project was the project management team. The project management team had to collect all the information from the architect, quantity surveyor, civil engineer, marine engineer, structure engineer and the client. The information collected was then to be forwarded to us as we were the main contractor.
To commence the seawall project, we wanted to start on t…

What is Request for Information (RFI) in Construction?

Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog Mad About Construction. My name is Dipak Varsani and I am the author of I am a Civil Engineer by profession and I started my engineering journey as a site engineer.
In this blog, we will look into What is RFI, the importance of it in Construction and other RFI related questions.

What is RFI in Construction? Full form of RFI is Request for Information. A Request for Information is a standard process in construction to collect information in writing. Writing RFI and collecting the missing information or data is very important for good project management and it should be followed to minimise conflicts and issues. Construction documentation is the skeleton of any construction project and RFI is a vital construction document that assists in collecting the information from the authorised party or team in the construction project. RFI can also be used in other areas outside of construction. The missing information can also be reques…

How to Change the Background Colour in AutoCAD

Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog. My name is Dipak Varsani, and I am the author of I am a Civil Engineer by profession, and I have taken the journey as a Site Engineer in my company.In this blog, we will see, how to change the background colour in AutoCAD?
It is evident that if you are AutoCAD draftsman, then you spend most of the time on AutoCAD and so we need to give as much comfort we can give to our eyes from Display settings. Brightness and correct colour or the colour which we feel comfortable for eyes is so important. So, here we will see how to change the background colour in AutoCAD. How to change the background colour in AutoCAD? Follow the below steps to change the AutoCAD background colour;

1) Right-click on the Drawing Area (Make sure there is no other command is active)
2) Go to Options
3) Go to Display Tab
4) Click on Colors button
5) Choose any colour as shown in the above video from the Color OptionClick here to Watch Video Thanks for visitin…